The “Association Caroline et Jérémie” mobilizes itself for AFAF.

On Saturday the 10th of September, it attended the Forum of associations in Lentilly in order to promote “Le Peloton de l’Espoir” (“The Peloton of Hope”) and the large demonstration of 8th July 2017.

Three different cycling trails (4, 34 and 49 miles) and also a buffet and various activities will be proposed on the occasion of this sports and celebratory day.

Promotional posters and flyers have been presented and distributed among the people and associations of Lentilly during the Forum in an effort to communicate with them and to explain the sporting and human challenges of our action. We also informed and solicited the other associations of Lentilly to request their help in order to prepare this event.

Many associations are interested and are going to take part to this project. Moreover, working groups are being established in order to bring new inputs and ideas and to help us preparing this event of 8th July 2017.

Some members of the Association Caroline et Jérémie are going to ride alongside Kyle and Fabrice. They attended the Forum to speak about their motivation and preparation. The other members of the association will be present at our side as volunteers on the road and / or in Lentilly from 1st to 8th July.

We know that other municipalities that will host the Peloton de l’Espoir will also prepare animations to welcome the hope cyclists in style to encourage them and underline their courage and determination. These animations will be held with the help of people affected by Friedreich’s Ataxia, their families, friends, volunteers…

All these wonderful initiatives provide hope, solidarity and positivity for the AFAF.