Stages (1st to 8th July 2017)


Stage 1– Saturday 1st July: Symposium at IGBMC Strasbourg (discussion of the latest scientific research + sharing of experiences of daily family life) + barbecue and social. Departure of the first half-stage from Illkirch to Mittelwihr (72 km). The first 30 kilometres are open to all riders.

 Stage 2 – Sunday 2nd July: Mittlewihr – Orschwihr – Mulhouse (87 km).

 Stage 3 – Monday 3rd July:  Mulhouse – Monbeliard – Guillon les Bains (116 km). 

Stage 4 – Tuesday 4th July: Guillon les Bains – Osselle – Dole (102 km).

 Stage 5 – Wedensday 5th July: Dole – Seurre – Chalon sur Saone (98 km).

 Stage 6 – Thursday 6th July: Chalon sur Saone – Cormatin – Macon (74 km).

 Stage 7 – Friday 7th July: Macon  – Odenas – Lentilly (82 km).

 Loops – Saturday 8th July: Lentilly, three loops of respectively 8, 56 and 80 km (including buffet lunch and various activities). We would like as many people as possible to take part, both able-bodied and disabled.

 The eight kilometre loop will be designed for families, children and handicapped people.

 The 80 kilometre loop will feature Kyle, Fabrice, William and our 50 other cyclists and will be intended for the more sporty riders as well as for cycle club members and everyone who feels up to the challenge.  People will be able to go at their own speed while supporting our young participants and generally sharing the experience.

 The 56 kilometre loop will fall between the two other loops.