Set out below are the conditions to be satisfied by participating riders so as to ensure that they may take full advantage of RideAtaxia in France.

Please read these conditions and click on the button ‘Continue’ to register your acceptance of them.

Declare :

  • That I have arranged my own accident insurance which includes
  • my full indemnification in respect of personal injury, loss of or damage to equipment, financial loss, the costs of repatriation etc
  • That I will provide proof of the above insurance so as to validate my registration on RideAtaxia
  • That I accept these terms and conditions in their totality
  • That I know that the event will take place on the public highway open to other road users
  • That I accept the risks involved in solo and group cycling on the public highway as envisaged by this event
  • That I undertake to respect the Highway Code and to have regard to the safety of the other riders as well as to that of other road users
  • That I absolve AFAF, its President and Management and all persons and corporate bodies linked to the organisation of the event from all responsibility for accidents whether arising from traffic or from the event itself
  • That I absolve all the foregoing from responsibility for loss or injury arising from my participation in the event by reason of my pre-existing state of health and that I take complete responsibility for risks to my health entailed by my participation
  • That I am able to cope with the physical demands of the event
  • That I have taken steps to inform and satisfy myself beyond reasonable doubt, by all reasonable questions on my part, as to the risks properly inherent in my participation in the event, such as: the existence of other road users sharing the route of the event

I accept and understand :

  • that I will find myself sharing the route with oncoming vehicles as well as with those travelling in the same direction
  • that there will be:
    • crossroads not regulated by the event organisers and from which vehicles will issue onto the carriageway
    • dangerous sections which will require particular vigilance on my part
    • long, twisting descents during the course of which I will need to reduce my speed so as to avoid injury to myself or others
    • sections of the route that will not meet normal safety standards and I discharge the event organisers from all responsibility for any damage or injury that might be occasioned to me by reason of the poor state of the route.
    • the possibility of falling victim to an accident inherent in cycling and I take full personal responsibility for any and all accidents that I may cause to others participants and exonerate the organisers of any responsibility on their part.
  • That I must wear a helmet during the entirety of the event

I adhere to the Ecocyclo Charter:                                                                     

  1. Nature is beautiful and the highway is not a dustbin. I will keep all my rubbish with me and will not discard it save in the properly designated places.
  2. I respect the Highway Code and my helmet is my most faithful companion.
  3. Cycling is a marvellous sport, excellent for health, and I will not throw away my chances by taking any banned substances.
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I declare that I have read and understood the above conditions.